Our teachings include fun ways of learning through songs, movements and gestures, dramatisation, creative activities, celebrating important festivals, etc. Every class has both outdoor and indoor activities planned.Our first term starts from June to August.
Our second term starts from September to November and our final term extends from December to May.

The syllabuses for all classes are as follows:

  • For Pre-Nursery(Children of age group 2 to 2 1/2). We teach them everything through oral and picture talk, storytelling and reciting rhymes. They are also taught to draw on slates.
  • For Nursery class (Children of age 3). They are taught to write and recite alphabets from A to Z with aid of pictures. There is written work from numbers 1 to 100 and oral recitation for numbers 1 to 50. The children are trained to recognise alphabets, numbers and objects.
  • For L.K.G. (Children of age 4). They are taught to write, recite and recognise both capital and small alphabets. They are also taught three letter words at a later stage. They learn to say and write numbers 1 to 100 and also learn to count numbers 1 to 10 and to write them in words.
  • For U.K.G. (Children of age 5). We groom them to be ready to join a school. They have an English reader book and workbook, number and science book. They are also taught to write and say numbers 1 to 1000 and to write numbers 1 to 100 in words. They will be able to form small sentences and are taught Hindi alphabets.